Couples Therapy

Longing to connect, but something always gets in the way.

  • It’s 6pm, and dinner’s cooking.
  • Both of you have had a long day, and it’s not over.
  • The house is a mess.
  • The kids have been home for a while and still have homework to do.

A quick kiss, but too much is going on to linger.

Your mind begins ranting about all your frustrations and irritations. Tension is building. Finally, one of you breaks and starts yelling. Pain begins to swell. More distance is built.

A dam of resentment has been growing under the surface for a while now. You wonder if it will break.

Admitting the truth.

What about couples counseling?

Yet, if you let someone else know what’s really going on, it will be harder to keep pretending everything is fine. It feels risky.

The thoughts of ‘getting out’ are coming more frequently, and the path you’re on isn’t leading to anywhere good. There’s a part of you that knows you need more…of something.

What happened to your closest friend?

As a person, one of your deepest needs is to experience being known and being accepted by those you are closest to. The desire for this to happen in your marriage surfaces and competes with a sense of fear.

But, the weight of it not happening is taking a toll…on everyone. It’s risking your heart, your spouse’s heart, and your kids’ hearts.

It’s time to make a change.

The great news is that I am here help you get to where you want to go.

We will work together in a safe and compassionate environment to understand the true undercurrent of your relationship. We take your areas of conflict and transform them into opportunities for connection and intimacy.

Give me a call, and we’ll get started.

Get the help you need.