Christian Counseling

It’s Sunday morning; time to get ready for church. Sleeping in feels tempting, but the need to go wins the internal conflict.

Is today going to be another day of pretending that everything is fine?

Someone asks, ‘How are you?’ The usual smile and ‘good’ feel automatic. The chance to risk sharing how you’re really doing passes quickly, but an internal sense of void becomes stronger.

Your faith is a part of you.

It has been a source of strength in hard times, but right now it doesn’t always seem like enough.

Joy should be your foundation, but it’s not. Sadness and disappointment seem a more accurate description of daily living.

Something is not working.

The struggle is real, but talking about it at church is too hard. The fear of judgment or trite answers drive the demand to maintain surface conversations.

The unmet need to be seen and accepted is creating more heartache.

You need a safe place to engage your faith within the pain of your struggle.

Faith that goes beyond religion and is relational requires application in all aspects of living life. The need to know if God is enough in personal hardship feels vulnerable and risky, but it also can lead to finding out that He is.

Taking your faith into the painful places can lead to more freedom and peace.

Please give me a call to let your faith grow through your healing journey.

Get the help you need.